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Chipjet Snapshot

In the future, based on the vision of“becoming a first-class chip solutions provider and a trusted partner”, Chipjet will constantly pursue breakthroughs and innovations in technology, management, service, and product quality, and strive to fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of industry leaders. It will take a more solid pace, based on integrated circuits and related industries, to create a compatible chip supply platform, development and promotion of compatible chip design and testing industry technical standards, promote professional printing supplies market, and is committed to become a first-class chip solutions provider and trusted partner.

Chipjet Technology is a national high-tech enterprise with development, production and marketing of professional integrated circuit design and application ability, belonging to HuBei Dinglong Chemical co., LTD. (stock code: 300054).,and located in Hangzhou national hi-tech industry development zone with 4000 square meters office area.Founded in 2000 and located in Wuhan, Hubei, HuBei Dinglong Chemical co., LTD owns more than 10 wholly-owned and participating subsidiaries. Relying on technological innovation and industrial integration, it has formed an industrial layout of the following sectors: optoelectronics and semiconductor materials, printing and copying consumables.

Founded in 2007, our company focuses on the design, development and production of printing consumable chip which possesses the independent intellectual property products. Our company set up the research and development team of experts and doctors to successfully launch a full range of printing consumable products and special chip series and regeneration solution. Chipjet has become the leading enterprise of the industry with over 130 achievements of research and development of patent projects. It has passed the certification of national hi-tech enterprises, ISO9001:2015 quality management system (SGS), provincial research and development center, Hangzhou famous brand, and titles of small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises in Zhejiang province, invisible champion cultivation enterprise in Zhejiang, “Gazelle Enterprise” in Hangzhou, etc.

Based on the values of “innovation, effort, excellence, and win-win”, Chipjet has increased the R&D investment and expanded the R&D team, to improve its technical strength. Our company has established the independent FIB laboratory and the independent intellectual property chip testing platform, achieved the analysis of chip physical layer and the automated testing of chip.

Meanwhile, our company has carried out IUR project cooperations actively with Zhejiang University, Fudan University and other well-known universities. Moreover, Chipjet attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, sets up a professional patent system platform for the patent system to retrieve, download, analyze and manage the global industry patent, so as to grasp the patent information within the industry and to plan and layout of patents promptly.



2017.03 Was evaluated as Key Enterprise in Binjiang District, Hangzhou

2017.05 Was awarded as "Invisible Champion Cultivation Enterprise" in Zhejiang Province

2017.09 Passed the certification of Hangzhou famous brand 

2017.10 Was awarded as "Small-to-medium Technology Based Enterprise" in Zhejiang Province

2017.12 Passed the certificate of IPMS

2018.01 R&D center relocated to 10F in Huachuang Mansion, office area of nearly 6000 square


2015.07 Was evaluated as Key Enterprise in Binjiang District, Hangzhou

2015.09 Was evaluated as Zhejiang R&D Center

2015.11 General manager, Wang Min, was evaluated as excellent small-to-medium entrepreneur in Hangzhou

2015.12 companies relocated to the National High-tech Development Zone in Hangzhou, office area of nearly 4000 square

2016.01 Became wholly-owned subsidiaries of Hubei Dinglong Chemical Co.,Ltd

2016.08 Was awarded as “Gazelle Enterprise” in Hangzhou High-tech Zone

2016.10 passed the certification of third-class enterprise in work safety standardization


2013.01 The company’s management changed and technical founder team directly took over the company operation and management.

2014.12 The company’s sales volume breaks through 0.1 billion for the first time in 2014, twice the volume of 2013. The output break through 90 million.

2014.12 Was evaluated as Hangzhou R&D center


In 2009, Was evaluated as the national high-tech enterprises .

In 2010, the largest European and Japanese clients gain regeneration chip formal cooperation

2011.11 the company relocated to Xihu District hundred homes Road, office area to 1500 party


2007.05 Hangzhou Chipjet Technology Co., Ltd officially established.

2007.09 The first "One Hundred Day plan" R&D was completed


Take-off Period


Take-off Period


Fast Development Period


Steady Growth Period


Foundation Period

Certifications & Honours

Management System

Chipjet Technology focuses on the quality of products,  science and technology innovation, and bases on "specialty, quickness, high quality and low-cost". The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system and established in line with international standards of modern enterprise management system at the beginning of the foundation.

On the road of developing innovative enterprise for science and technology, Chipjet adheres to implement the strategy of intellectual property rights in a forward-looking vision, replieson the strong technology research and development strength to build technical barriers and competitive advantages supported by intellectual property rights.

Patent platform: Chipjet attaches great importance to the cooperations with local patent attorney teams in various regions, sets up a professional patent system platform for the patent system to retrieve, download, analyze and manage the global industry patent, so as to timely grasp the industry-related patents information for positive solutions.

Patents: Chipjets intellectual properties are more than 130, including 86 patents applications and 39 granted patents.

Applied advanced OS tools like OA/ERP etc. to improve enterprise management level and efficiency.

Company Culture

Our Employees

Behind condensed centripetal force lies the humanities spirit of sincere caring.

We are always with a thankful heart and return the employees in many ways: offering annual free tour for all staff, organizing rich and colorful staff activities, and setting up charity fund to help students, etc. The shining humanities concern of Chipjet makes the whole team present a spirit style of cohesive force and sense of belonging in a hidden but influencing way.

Global Cooperation

We win the public praise and set up the brand by the cutting-edge technology and service quality. Through the technology research and development, we carry out the global cooperation in Europe, Russia, Japan, North America, and South America, Southeast Asia, Australia and other countries and regions. In the domestic market and core area and peripheral area, we all have realized the deep cooperation.

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