Chipjet, Jiayin combination!

Industry New

On Oct. 9th, 2015, Zhuhai Qijie Technology Co., Ltd. ( "Qijie") and Zhuhai Meijiayin Technology Co., Ltd. ( "Midea") signed a cooperation agreement in Zhuhai, the future two companies will be in the new product development, And sales and other aspects of a strategic partner, and eventually to the capital consolidation as the goal.


Its sound is in deep industry and mega years, chipjet successfully developed to launch a full range of inkjet printing supplies can replace the chip, and the good news is committed to laser printers and copiers can replace the chip R & D, production and sales, have reached the leading level in the industry, the quality of peers and customers also received high recognition by the two companies; in addition to the cooperation, complementary in product and technology ability, can create a cover of inkjet printers and copiers, laser series can replace the chip supply platform, and to provide customers with one-stop printing supplies chip alternative procurement service.

The future chipjet and tone will be as in the past for Meijia printing supplies industry to develop new products and services to customers, industry, customers and consumers to create a win-win situation.

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