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Since its establishment, the flag of the Republic of science and technology has made brilliant achievements. With the company's business continues to send a strong, the site has not adapted to the new change, the company in December 2015 to a new level in the Hangzhou national high tech Industrial Development Zone in the new office again, the company headquarters moved to Hangzhou high tech Industrial Development Zone (Binjiang District) Jianye Road No. 511 building 12 floor cre. The new office environment brings new company face, provides a more modern office and advanced office equipment as well as the staff to create a comfortable working environment, chipjet people with full enthusiasm and sincere service attitude, to provide our clients with first-class products.


Review the past, look to the future, more exciting dance for joy, is full of confidence. From now on we will open a new page, a new step, but also the company with confidence and strength to create a better performance of the logo. The company has developed rapidly, all rely on the masses of old and new customers, allies and competent departments of the strong support of the leadership, on the occasion of a happy time when our staff hereby express my heartfelt thanks to our common progress, and seek common development, create brilliant!


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