Division I successfully passed the national high-tech enterprises to re identify

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      Chipjet technology received by the high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang province science and Technology Department, the Finance Department of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province State Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau of Zhejiang Province certificate issued in January 6, 2016, the company passed the high-tech enterprises identified again.

      The identification of high-tech enterprises is the country to promote high-tech achievements, but also encourage outstanding enterprises as an important measure to enhance the capability of independent innovation, adjust the industrial structure, change the mode of development, leading China's high-tech industry development and implementation. The national high-tech enterprises from the core of the enterprise independent intellectual property rights, science and technology achievement transformation ability, research and development organization and management level, the growth index of four aspects of the strict evaluation standard before the management work leading group office record that submitted to the national high-tech enterprises, through the record again by the Zhejiang Province high-tech enterprise management work the office of the leading group issued a unified "high tech enterprise certificate".

      "National high tech enterprise", is one of the highest honors China science and technology enterprises, is the state of the scientific research strength of enterprises is one of the most authoritative affirmation, also is the enterprise of foreign exchanges when an important "golden name card". According to the "measures" in the high-tech enterprises obtain certification qualifications, will also enjoy a series of tax relief policies provided by the state, and the protection of the enterprise independent intellectual property rights, has an important role in promoting the development of the company, the future market to enhance the protection of intellectual property rights and the status of the industry and brand image.

       The company through the identification, is the company's operating results, scientific and technological innovation capacity and sustainable growth capacity fully recognized, but also marks the division of scientific research and innovation strength has been highly recognized by the industry. Companies will be identified as an opportunity through high-tech enterprises, continuous management innovation and technological innovation, increase the company's core competitiveness, enhance the company's brand image.

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