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Chipjet leadership training is held as scheduled from October 28th to 29th. Before getting down to the subjects, Chipjet fellows all express their desire to learn, hoping training this time can improve their teamwork spirit and management awareness and ability so to achieve higher communication efficiency, strengthen execution and create a passionate team striving for a win-win prospect. 

The training adopts a totally different pattern: not sitting at desks and no PPT presented. Instead it is of an open and free style making everyone open their minds and hearts, listen to others, voice their own and see different side of the workmates.

(Figure 1:Small partners to share)

Partners are matched after a “fall in love at first sight” –self-introduction, while “super interview show” part leads one to another’s past self-experiences. The in-depth mutual sharing from bottom of their hearts make them sees truer side of their companions. Vivid picture of recalled memory, words that put on presentation paper and air filled with sensation and warmth all let them feel closer and closer with each other.

Connections between hearts bring every member of management closer. In the discussion of team activity and productivity factors, key behaviors factor for the reasons of team weakness is outputted by using a tool named “balanced wheel”.  Then action plans are coming into being after extensive discussion and brainstorming.

(Figure 2:Serious thinking partner)

(Figure 3:Action plan

If the team has goals and plans, communication and trust is also very important in performing collaboration. The game of putting the rod together shows incisively and vividly the team partners’ “finger pointing”, “selective indifference” and “defense” in “communication”. If the team can use the antidote against the poison, trying to do the key behavior of “trust”, the writer thinks the game result will be unexpected. 

What impresses the writer most is sandplay therapy-“visiting other department”, which makes Chipjet fellows learn to replace thinking, experience the challenge of other department, feel the difficulty and troubles of their “comrade”, and then give biggest support others with their limited resources. Unconsciously, the barriers between departments are resolved and Chipjet fellows become a real cooperation family. 

All trainees share with each other with deep feelings and sensation in the 2-day training experience. Expected achievements are also obtained. In the meantime,only if we change our ways of managing in the future we could truely improve our management ability, communication efficiency and excution.Afterwards HR department will transform the contents and achievements of this training onto a "culture display board".We hope everyone could give your valuable suggestions, work together to benefit from those achievements.

At last, special thanks goes to our company Chipjet, who provides this oppotunity to share and express our heartfelt thinking. We are also grateful for every trainees and organizers taking part in and voice themselves sincerely. Thank you for having you with Chipjet all along the way.

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