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R & D Team

The company has a professional R & D center, has a high-quality, young, full of passion and vitality of R & D personnel team, which accounted for more than 90% college degree, more than 5 years of age accounted for 63%. R & D team professional configuration is reasonable, clear division of labor, and effectively protect the company's product development and continuous innovation.

Scientific Reseach & Innovation

Innovation platform

  • Zhejiang High-tech Enterprise Research and Development Center

  • Hangzhou High-tech Enterprise Research and Development Center

Innovative mechanisms

(1) The company has established the perfect R&D project management system which effectively ensures the product development of innovative capacity and high efficiency.

(2) The company has established the pyramid-shaped echelon personnel, and the technical backbones' working time is more than 6 years in average. The R&D team has intensive knowledge reasonable collocation, strong technical force and creative passion.

(3) The company has established the incentive mechanism, such as project award, patent award, difficult project award, science and technology innovation award, the core backbone profit sharing award, equities, partners etc. which ensures the team's creative passion and power.

(4) The company's cost of R&D proportion is not lower than 15% of the sales volume, which guarantees the innovation output effectively.

Innovation culture

The company has given birth to the corporate culture of innovation from the foundation and encouraged the developers of "innovation, the courage to climb, never say die".


The company focuses on printing consumables of integrated circuit products research, development and production. As a customer demand oriented company, we provide a wide range of customized services including substrate, procedures, functions and wafer type etc, and also provide the solution of all kinds of regeneration printing consumable products for renewable industry. As a company with rich experience in IC industry, our company also provides all kinds of IC development and other customized products and services.

After-sale Service

Our after-sale service tenet is: “Your satisfaction is our persistent pursuit”

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